The drying technique of Whole Milk (liquid) has a significant impact of the properties of the final product – especially when used in chocolate manufacturing.

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Almost all (70-90%) of the fat in Roller-Dried milk powder is free-fat. This means that the fat molecules in roller-dried milk are able to bond much easier than in Spray-Dried milk (which has a free fat content of 2-3%).

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The high temperatures under which roller-dried milk powder is made also provokes a Maillard reaction. This means the milk sugar (lactose) and proteins react, to cause browning and a unique caramel flavor.

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Particularly in the confectionery industry, Roller-Dried whole milk powder is far superior to conventional spray-dried milk powder.

At Dùne Chocolate, we only use 100% Roller-Dried Whole Milk Powder in all our milk products.