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Dune Chocolate is committed to changing the narrative of the African chocolate industry. For this reason, we hold tightly to these three operational standards that keep us on the right track.


At every stage of our production chain, we endeavour to facilitate grassroots inclusion.
We work directly with local vendors ensuring daily supplying of Dune bars. This helps prevent major distributors from controlling the market and giving retailers more opportunity.
Our farmers are trained in global best practices of harvesting and processing of cocoa beans. As they improve the quality of their produce, they are not only increasing their local market value but stand a chance to compete more strongly in the international market.


By supporting our farmers to produce cocoa beans of the finest quality, Dune Bars guarantee the unmistakable premium taste of dark chocolate blended with the best natural ingredients.


With cooling units across the country and a fast distribution network, Dune chocolates are protected from melting under our tropical temperature. We ensure Dunebars hit the market fresh, wholesome and ready to melt in your tongue!

We are committed to changing the narrative of the African Chocolate Industry.

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